Regularly Updated Sources

This contains the code for lastest release SeaMonkey 2.53.x from GitLab
This contains the latest development code for Firefox and Thunderbird
This is a snapshot of the source tree for Waterfox based on the Gecko 128 codebase.
This is a snapshot of the source tree for Firefox, Thunderbird, and the Gecko 128 codebase.
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Other Cross-References

Trees for Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird and the Gecko Rendering Engine.
Trees for Pale Moon and the Unified XUL Platform.

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This is a cross reference designed to display source code. Sources may be retrieved via cvs, svn, git, apt, or through some other process.

It's possible to search through an entire source text; or to search for files whose name matches a pattern; or to search for the definitions of particular functions, variables, etc.

The individual files of the source code are formatted on the fly and presented with clickable identifiers. An identifier is a macro, typedef, struct, enum, union, function, function prototype or variable. Clicking on them shows you a summary of how and where they are used.

The free-text search feature is implemented using Glimpse, so all the capabilities of Glimpse are available. Regular expression searches are especially useful.

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